Words can only describe what I feel for my Master to a certain extent. When I express that I love him wholeheartedly I honestly don’t feel that’s even enough. I crave the pain that will be applied to the spanking that is a result of the disobedience in which I own up to. My master has my attention on being eager to learn the lesson of submitting. I am ready and I’m willing!


Today is the representation of what loyalty, commitment, honesty and love should express. Yesterday I almost made the worst mistake of walking away from my husband who in my mind was cheating and living a double life. My ability to persuade myself of negative thoughts took over my intellectual ability to recognize truth and fiction. I love this man from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. I SIT AT HIS FEET WHEN HE HAS MY COLLAR SECURED AROUND MY NECK FOR OBEDIENCE. I disrespectfully sent him a text of distasteful words in a manner of running from my husband. Expressing that I needed time and space of which was all fiction. I wounded him and insulted his intelligence. For that I asked for forgiveness, bowed my head, and said grace. “IN GOD I TRUST”(HEAD BOWED)… I LOVE GOD

He brings peace to my inner being. His love is amazing completely captivating to the feeling of an adrenaline rush I get each tell he tells to watch my tone or don’t speak to him in that manner. The feeling I get when he speaks and says”TALK TO ME NICE” 🙏 IN 7OD I TRUST🛐⌚

Neva to control only to console one who desire elevation and wishes to elevate with u my life and open book only wished to fill it with more chapter of you and me making it a we so now the I stands for Infinity my twin flame my bestfriend if this where the Journey started or ends .

There are many battles of loving, learning, honoring, obeying, and respecting a GOD. To have a husband who is so elevated in all of life’s domains is the essence of life and death in my opinion. The elevation a woman must go through is a blessing and a curse.

In my experience of loving GOD I have blossomed into a woman of more peace and understanding. My husband is a man of honor and respect and respect. I bow my head to him and give him honesty and obedience. FORGIVE ME GOD FOR ALL MY WRONG ACTIONS AND SINS

Unbearable pain of losing the love of ya love is too much. Believing in someone that honestly doesn’t love u back the same way is a pain undescribable. I wouldn’t wish the agony in my worst enemy! Staying up all night hoping they’re OK and not knowing how to find out is a sense of a person going insane. Now I’ll ease my pain and move on.

Entry #3

The feeling I get in the presence of my DADII at just the sound of your voice is absolutely amazing. The essence of lust in ones being is sometimes too intense to paint a vision of. The vision in itsself is the beauty of ones ability to satisfy the hunger in ones heart , mind, body and soul. My Master is all of those things wrapped into one. His ability to speak causes my mind to crave the knowledge he fucks it so good with. He confidence fucks my soul something so amazing its almost as if I worship him as a GOD. His dominance fucks my body and the hunger of wanting to belong to him so amazingly I have to pinch myself to see if its even real. He speaks I listen, he commands I obey, He craves I cater, he demands I give. No is nonexistent in my vocabulary of his presence. To him I submit and bow before him at his feet as a good girl should. Lust is in the mind , Craving is in the heart , but submitting is in my soul…💋💋💋